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About Asante Isaac and the Sound Money Thinking
Isaac, the founder of Sound Money Thinking
My idea to start this blog started back to those days I completed my high school in the year 2000. After school, I was wondering why some people were so rich and others struggling to survive financially. I set out to search for the truth about this whole thing but my search kept me wondering because where I was born we were always thinking the rich use magic or join certain group that helped them to get to where they are.
I became very obsessed with this frustrating knowledge hunting but one moment gave me a turning point for which I found that the problem was truly myself concept about money. Realizing my problem, I found that moneymaking dwells more in our minds, so, I started developing the powerhouse (mind) in order to make some of it.
By nature, I love to share whatever information I come across. I do this by distilling the import of that information through my imagination to get real life meaning out of it. Whenever I identify these meanings, I love to share it to everybody. My desire to share to wider audience led me into starting this blog.
Money can change the lives we live so I am very passionate about discussion anything about money because poverty is dangerous and it must be uproot entirely.
My background
I am a schoolteacher with years of teaching students about Social Studies. I am currently about completing my Bachelor Degree. I have studied securities with Ghana Stock Exchange and HR with Cambridge International College (UK). I run my own business aside my teaching. I am a father of one child.
Contact info.
You can contact me via mail: asanteisaa55@gmail.com
My contact number is: +233246650666        
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