Friday, October 4, 2013

The 5 Five Secrets That Every Successful Investor knows, but you don’t

By Asante Isaac
Secret of Successful investors

More often we get confuse about the amount of information we read online and offline on investing. At times we start and get stack at some point but to our surprise we will see others succeeding massively on the same platform. This could compel us to ask ourselves why, why others are succeeding and we’re not. The secret here is to learn what they do either be like them or outperform them through your ingenuity. Here are few learning curves you can adapt from the successful investors.
1.      Leveraging small beginning: The successful investors do leverage the power within starting small. They use this power to learn through the loses the might incur in the initial stages of their investing journey. Every starter in investing has great hopes and dreams of being successful soon but the fact is the reverse. The successful investors knowing these will not dig deep at the onset but first test their knowledge in gradual process.
2.      See Knowledge as key: As a newbie, never think you can easily outperform the market in short period. The reason being that as a starter you do not have sufficient knowledge as the experience investor so, always invest in investments you truly have enough information on and nothing else. The successful investors do not compromise on knowledge acquisition. In this regards, they always acquaint themselves with necessary information about what to invest in. Those information they finished themselves with help them to figure out where their risk might be as well as how they might lose money.
3.       Understand Time brings success: The enthusiasm new investors have about the market is so great that they turn to believe they will get success so soon. The rich investors avoid this get rich quick scheme because a strong desire for money will make you lose huge money without knowing. It takes time for everyone to gain experience on any market and only those who are more experience easily win the market. As new investor, allow time to gain experience before you can win the market as the rich investors.
4.      They love History: There is a popular saying that history does repeat itself and it is true with investing. In 2006, the housing market was very expensive but slammed down to its lowers in 2008 and even worse in 2009. The secret here is the rich investors made enormous money in 2008 and 2009 because everybody was selling and the rich were buying. In investing, you only make money when you buy an investment but not when you sell. What you can do here is to prepare for the next cycle and join the wagon.
5.      Trust their instinct: Nature being fair gave each and everyone emotional signal that help us to determine the good and the bad of everything we do. Any investment rich investor feel are not right or have doubt about, they will not invest in but by pass. The fact is, any success you gain on the market ignite your emotion of happiness so also you losing could affect you as well. In view of this, make sure you are sure of every move before you commit yourself.
The more experience you become will help you avoid many pitfalls in the world of investing. All you need most is to be open-minded and keep researching