Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Tools Teenagers needs before they start Investing

Tools Teenager needs to start investing
Young teenager who have made his mind to commit himself to investing will be denied direct access to investing in say the stock market because age 16 and below are still minors .These minors can only have their parents or guardians step in their stead. In this way, they can have direct access to their funds only when they are 18 and above. This does not deny you of investing in the great asset your mind because financial seasons in everyone’s life comprise the learning, earning and golden or yearning seasons.
The teenager falls within 13-19 years and these years are for learning season where the teenager needs to learn as much as he can about investing and finance. Teenagers who practice these ideas will surely have better ground to thrive well in their earning years. Most of us found out what we were lacking when we started earning in our twenties. I personally was only familiar with only bank deposit, savings and treasure bills.
The major tool teenagers need most is preparation for the future. Preparation here means being current about ongoing phenomena in the investment world. This is because a well-prepared mind always meets opportunity which most people call luck.
Instead of teenagers looking for TV and Video games and other fanciful gadgets that take much of their attention, they should seek for books on finance and investment. Adequate knowledge in these two subjects will help eliminate financial troubles people face when they are earning substantial income.
Another thing teenagers should consider in their learning period is to look for a financial hero whom they can study it must include the process they went through to reach where they are today. These individuals help shape your self-concept about money and investment.
Your study may also consider how companies are formed and how they raise money to finance their projects. This will enlighten you to know the terms like pre-IPO and IPO. The rich identify great investment for which the uninformed could hardly hear of by using these terms.
To parents of teenagers, the desires of these teenagers should be skewed towards things that will make them feel proud when they leave your home. My reason for saying this is that more and more people whenever they leave their parent’s home they become unhappy due financial problem. We owe our children some duty, that is to prepare them well to face the world ahead of them and we can do that only by buying them books and items that will enhance their financial IQ.